Can my Vault account automatically delete files that have been deleted from my ReadyNAS device?

Yes.  You can set your account to automatically delete files that have been deleted from the device by making changes to the archiving rules of your backups. 

One of the nice features of the ReadyNAS Vault service is that it allows you to archive all data backed up from your ReadyNAS, even after you have deleted it from the ReadyNAS device. By default, the account settings are configured so that files deleted from your ReadyNAS device are retained in your ReadyNAS Vault account permanently. When you browse your account, you can see them by selecting the "view archived" option.

However, you can also modify your backup job so that it automatically purges these files from your ReadyNAS Vault account after a certain amount of time, freeing up valuable storage space.  Please note that this rule must be set for each backup job.

Click here to watch a short, animated tutorial on how to modify Archiving Rules.

To access the feature:

  1. Log into your account and click on the Backup Settings tab.
  2. Navigate to Manage Backups, then select the device and backup job that you would like to configure, and click on "Edit Backup."
  3. Click on the Archiving tab.
  4. Enable the rule by selection an option and/or input how many days you would like to retain your data after it has been deleted from your ReadyNAS device.
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