How to Backup Photos II files to the Vault

If you have the Photos II program installed on your NAS, you already know how useful it is for sharing and organizing your photos.  But how do you backup Photos II files to the Vault?  In this tutorial I'll go over how to setup a backup job for your Photos II files.  Here's the short version (followed by a detailed step by step with screenshots just below)...

1. Visit the "Backup Settings" section of the ReadyNAS Vault and create a new backup.

2. Create a new job by selecting "Add Backup" then name your backup job, and select the checkbox "Automatic/Enabled."

3. Include the Photos II directory.  Call the backup something useful like "Photos II Backup" and enable it making sure to include the exact location of the Photos II application and contents: "/c/.RNP2" (remember to input it exactly as written here).  

4. Exclude unnecessary items to avoid any wasted use of your Vault capacity.  You'll want to to exclude the log files (important for the app, but not protect).  To do so, select the Excludes tab and enter the path "/c/.RNP2/log" (exactly as written here).  You'll probably want to limit versioning as well.

5. Save and relax.  Now click "Save Changes" at the top-left and then follow the progress of your backup jobs go to Reports => Current Backup Activity Report.

You're all set!  For more detailed instructions, follow the following tutorial:


First, select the Backup tab at the top and select "Vault".  



Then enter your existing vault username (your email address) and password, or select "Click here to register" if you don't have a vault username and password yet.


Next, select Manage ReadyNAS Vault.


Next, enter your email and password again and select Login.


Under Backup Settings, select "Manage Backups." 



Next, select "Add Backup."




After you select "Add Backup" name your backup job, and select the checkbox "Automatic/Enabled."



Next select the "Includes" tab.  Add the path, "/c/.RNP2", exactly as written here then select "Add".  



Next, you'll want to to exclude the log files.  To do so, select the Excludes tab.  Enter the path "/c/.RNP2/log" exactly as written here and select, "Add."




Next you'll want to set your versioning rules.  Select the Versioning tab.  I recommend starting with keeping 10 Versions for 30 days each.  Set your versioning rules here.



Now click "Save Changes" at the top-left.


You're all set now.  To check on the progress of your backup jobs go to Reports => Current Backup Activity Report.



There you can see the status of your backup jobs.  Well, that's it.  You should have your Photos II backup job all set and good to go.

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