What happens when I exceed the maximum amount of usage for my account type?

The ReadyNAS Vault On-Demand account is $5.95/month and includes 5 GB of storage. Excess storage is charged at a rate of $0.40/GB.

For Pre-Paid Yearly and Monthly plans, if you exceed the maximum amount of storage associated with your account level, you will need to either:

  1. Upgrade to a plan that will accommodate your current or expected usage. Click here for upgrade instructions.


      2.  Bring your usage down below the maximum amount of data allowed for your account type.*  Click here for deletion instructions.

           *Please note that you must empty your trash after deleting your files or folders in order for your usage calculation to be affected.    

If you do not take action on your account within several days of exceeding your usage, you will receiving a warning from the ReadyNAS Vault Support Team asking you to upgrade or delete your data.

If you do not take action on your account after receiving this warning, your account will be suspended and your backup jobs will cease to run.

While the ReadyNAS Vault Support team will message you from time to time (don't forget to add support@vault.readynas.com to your safe list!) with important account-related information, please note that is each users own responsibility to manage his or her data usage.

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