Switching from ReadyNAS Vault Desktop App to ElephantDrive Desktop App


We've recently updated our desktop app version to a build number 6.0 or greater which includes several performance improvements and enhancements. To simplify future updates across all ElephantDrive brands (like ReadyNAS Vault - To learn more, please visit https://readynasvault.com/powered-by-elephantdrive/), we're encouraging everyone to update the ReadyNAS Vault desktop app to the newer ElephantDrive app. You can make the switch to the latest version of the ElephantDrive desktop app by performing the actions below. 

  1. Uninstall ReadyNAS Vault 5.8.19 (or any previous version of the ReadyNAS Vault desktop app) and reboot your device.

  2. Rename your “My ReadyNAS Vault” folder to “My ElephantDrive”. If necessary, make a note of the full path of this folder so you can located it later.

  3. Download and install the latest version of ElephantDrive for Desktop, Laptop, or Servers. You can download the latest version by visiting https://www.elephantdrive.com/download-and-install/.

  4. Launch and when prompted, select the location for the “My ElephantDrive” folder which used to be the “My ReadyNAS Vault” folder location.





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