Understanding Errors and Warnings in The Log File

Most issues can be traced through the log file. Below is a list of common errors and warning messages found in the log file along with their description and troubleshooting steps. If you need further assistance, please email support@vault.readynas.com.

WARNING | Error when resolving svc.elephantdrive.com
  • The warning indicates that ReadyNASVault cannot reach the cloud web service because it cannot resolve the hostname svc.elephantdrive.com. This will prevent backups from running. Troubleshooting such warning involves two steps: Verifying Internet Access, and Checking DNS Configuration
  1. Verify Internet Access: Verify that the NAS device has internet access. To test if your network connection is fine, please check for a device firmware update; what should happen is you will receive a message prompting you to either update your firmware or that you already have the latest firmware. No prompt or a direct message saying there was an error will indicate a network connection issue.
  2. Check DNS Configuration: If the NAS device does have internet access and the warning message still occurs, this most likely indicates a DNS name resolution failure, which is preventing ReadyNASVault application from connecting to active backup servers. To resolve DNS failures, we recommend adding Google public DNS servers ( and to the list of DNS servers on your NAS device. Once they are added, turn off ReadyNASVault and turn it back on.
ERROR   | Report Realtime Failed
WARNING | Too less free memory. Free memory available
  • The message indicates that the operating system as a whole is running on low memory. The message is not something caused by ReadyNASVault. ReadyNASVault is just warning the user about the overall memory consumption on the system. In fact, ReadyNASVault uses very reasonable amount of memory. It is most likely that other applications are consuming large amount of memory.
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