Why Disable Jumbo Frames When Backing Up?

Incoming network traffic from our client applications must first pass through a set of load balancers that intelligently direct the requests to active servers.  Currently, the load balancers are not configured to support “jumbo frames” (frames with payload of greater than 1,500 bytes).  As a result, when users enable Jumbo frames on their NAS devices, ReadyNASVault software is not able to properly communicate with the servers and will not be able to backup files.

Users typically enable jumbo frames to improve network throughput and performance.  The larger frame size reduces to the metadata to data ratio, allowing more payload transmission per frame.  While this may have significant impact on networks optimized for jumbo frames, on most small office and home networks the throughput improvement is negligible.  For more information about the Jumbo frames, refer to this article.


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