Modifying Encryption Key Settings

You have three encryption options to choose from: ReadyNASVault Keys, Personal Keys, or No Encryption. You can change this directly from the desktop application (or through the web portal). 

  • Change from PC/Mac: Click on the ReadyNAS Vault Desktop Application icon in your system tray, navigate to Preferences then Encryption then choose the type of encryption you prefer, and remember to hit "Apply." 


  • Change from Website: Sign into your account, and navigate to the My Account tab, then click Backup Settings, and select Manage Backups, then find the Network & Encryption Key Settings icon (it looks like a mailbox). Choose the type of encryption you prefer, and remember to save your settings. (If you are changing these settings for a PC, Mac, or a Windows Server, please make sure to restart the ReadyNAS Vault Desktop App.)




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