Encryption - Personal Keys

The personal encryption key option is one of the available methods with which we encrypt your file. To protect your data privacy, all files you upload to ReadyNAS Vault are encrypted first before leaving your system. You can choose whether to encrypt your data with the generic Service provided key or your personal key.

The Personal Key is derived from your user password. Since ReadyNAS Vault does not store any of our users' password information in plain text (we store a hashed value that is compared to the hashed value of the input in the password field at login time, which allows for secure authentication without actual knowledge of the original passphrase), the resulting key is known only to the user. Objects uploaded with the Personal Key can only be opened/restored by the user with that key.

Your backup job configuration encryption settings default to using the Service provided key. Should you want to change your settings to backup your files under your Personal Key encryption settings, click on the backup job in question and then on the Toolbox icon (Network & Encryption Key Settings) found on  the toolbar.

IMPORTANT: You can use your ReadyNAS Vault password as a personal key to encrypt all of your data. If you forget your password, you cannot decrpyt your data stored in your ReadyNAS Vault account.

Because your password is used to derive the personal key, if you forget your password, you will lose all the data backed up under these settings.

If you choose to backup and store your files using the Personal Keys settings, please ensure that you are using a password that you will remember, or take the necessary steps to store the password in a safe place where you can retreive it if necessary.

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