Steps to Get Started with the ReadyNAS Vault Desktop App

Getting started with the ReadyNAS Vault Desktop Application is fast and easy. 

Click here to download the desktop app for your device.

Install and launch the client.

The first time you start the client you will enter setup. If you already have a Vault account, choose "I already have a ReadyNASVault account." 

If you do not have an account, choose "I need a ReadyNASVault account."


Then click Next. Please enter an account email address as well as a password. These will be your login credentials to your Vault account.


The next step will be to choose a plan: Lite Account with 2 GB free storage, a 25 GB account free for 30 days, or browse our Personal and Business plans. 


By default, your ReadyNASVault folder will be placed in C:\Users\"YourUserName". However, you can change the folder location.


After deciding where to place your ReadyNASVault folder, the client will help you get started with backing up specific locations on your device. Some examples include your Desktop, Music, Pictures, and Documents folders. If you do not want to back up the suggested locations, check the box in the lower-left corner, "Don't create any Backups."


Following slides provide an introduction and some quick tips to using the ReadyNAS Vault Desktop Application. Be sure to hit the Launch button at the end!






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