Sub-Accounts: Multiple Users Under One Account

ReadyNAS Vault Business plans allow multiple users (sub-accounts), each with unique login credentials.

There are two types of sub-accounts:

  • Workgroup Sub-Account
    Workgroup sub-accounts share the same storage space and access level as the main account. A Workgroup sub-account is essentially a distinct set of login credentials to the same account as its parent. This type of sub-account is ideal if you need multiple logins to the same account, but data security and sharing between parent and sub-account(s) is not an issue (as all sub-accounts can see all files/folders in the parent account).

  • Independent Sub-Account
    Each Independent sub-account has his/her own storage space and access level. They are essentially a free-standing account that can be administered by the parent. Independent sub-accounts do not have access to any objects in the parent account. This sub-account is ideal if you need storage, access, or protection for multiple different users, but would like to maintain privacy and separate storage space between parent and sub-accounts.
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